NVIDIA Brings New Weapons in the War Against Intel [NVIDIA Uses Cartoons to Enrage Intel; Will It Work?]

November 7, 2009

There are some already famous rivalries between companies that inevitably lead to duels in court. We have AT&T vs Verizon, Apple vs Psystar and NVIDIA vs Intel. While the first lawsuits have recently been covered in the news, the NVIDIA vs Intel quarrel is not that fresh in our minds! But we did see the two giants fight each other for a while, so why stop now? Bring on the popcorn as this conflict is about to go to the next level.

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MSN changes the butterfly

November 7, 2009

MSN’s new home page, which you can see at preview.msn.com, is the first one that doesn’t look like it was designed by Microsoft. The new page has the same cheery look and feel as the Bing search box that perches at its top, waiting to grab your next search away from Google.

The MSN butterfly logo has been redesigned to match the new look. It’s pretty, and but I doubt many users will notice the change. It still pushes the NBC peacock button in my brain, and I’m sure I’m farSource: VentureBeat RSS Feed

LG Chocolate Touch and Samsung Convoy official on Verizon

November 5, 2009

As well as their headline smartphone announcements this morning, Verizon have also officially confirmed a couple of featurephones that have each been rattling around the rumor mill for a while.  The LG Chocolate Touch and Samsung Convoy – a touchscreen candybar and rugged flip, respectively – don’t have the Android magic or hardware QWERTY of the Verizon DROID Eris by HTC or the BlackBerry Curve 8530, but at least one of them offers some excitement Jonas Brothers style.

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DOE Allocates $30.6 Million to Hydroelectric Projects

November 5, 2009

Up to $30.6 million in economic stimulus funds will be used to finance seven hydroelectric projects nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

The additional funding means Voth Hydro, a manufacturer of hydroelectric turbines, will be able to retain 40 jobs at its manufacturing facility in York, Pa. Thanks to $13 million in stimulus funding, those employees can resume work on two replacement turbines for Alcoa Inc’s Tapoco Cheoah hydro plant in Robbinsville, N.C.

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If the Data Center Is the Computer the Fight Is on to Control the Ecosystem

November 5, 2009

Liquid Computing, a startup going head-to-head with giants, today launched its own version of unified computing gear that stands in almost direct contrast to the announcements made yesterday by Cisco, EMC and VMware about Vblocks and the new Acadia services arm. Also today, HP laid out its vision and new software for a converged computing infrastructure, the heir to its adaptive infrastructure products of the last four years. These two announcements are the latest in a web of partnershipsSource: GigaOM RSS Feed

Paranormal Activity Director Oren Peli’s Area 51 Gets A Completely Unknown Cast

November 5, 2009

While covering the American Film Market, Bloody Disgusting discovered the names of the three main cast members for director Oren Peli’s Area 51, the filmmaker’s follow-up to the indie supernatural thriller viral sensation Paranormal Activity. Peli is not going Hollywood yet, and keeping it low-key, with three virtually unknown actors – Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg and Ben Rovner.

Aside from Warner’s one-episode small guest spots on The Unit and Eli Stone, the trio haveSource: SlashFilm RSS Feed

LED Binary Clock

November 3, 2009

Here is an interesting LED binary clock by instructables user ElevenOf9. I really like the single sided PCB, and the way the LEDs are arranged. It just looks cool!

This is the second revision of my PIC based LED binary clock. The original version was the first PIC project I attempted, it used a PIC16F84A to do both the timekeeping and control the display matrix, unfortunately it didn’t keep good enough time and gained about a minute every week.

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